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MAMO-TATO Minky blanket to the stroller + pillow Gwiazdki granatowe na bieli / czerwony - with filling

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Double-sided Minky bedding for a trolley

The bedding is made of high-quality 100% cotton, which on the other side is complemented by a soft minky plush.
The inside of the blanket is filled with anti-allergic, highly fluffy siliconized non-woven fabric with a weight of 150 g / m2
It provides the baby with warmth and comfort during use.

The set includes:

1. Pillowcase 25x35 cm (fastened with a zipper)

2. 25x35 cm pillow filling - consists of thousands of balls - Fillball

3. Minky blanket 60x75 cm - filled with highly fluffy siliconized non-woven fabric.


Sewn in colorful sensory ribbons will attract the child's attention, stimulating the senses of sight and touch.

The blanket comes with a card with a dedication space - perfect for a gift